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Microsoft .Net Website and Applicaton Design & Development  •  Consulting Services
Website Design & Development
Douglas Technology Solutions provides a full range of website related services, including:
  • Site Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Development
  • Ongoing Maintenance/Support
  • Web Hosting evaluation and Setup
Douglas Technology Solutions specializes in Microsoft ASP.Net website development, and enterprise web applications utilizing Microsoft SQL Server and ADO.Net.  Douglas Technology Solutions adheres to the latest Browser standards and best practices for HTML/XHTML, JavaSript, and CSS(Cascading Style Sheets).
Application Software Development
Douglas Technology Solutions can provide a full range of Windows Desktop and XML Web Services application development services utilizing the Microsoft .Net Framework.
Consulting Services
Douglas Technology Solutions brings over 30 years of IT industry experience to its customers, in the software engineering, architecture, design, technical and strategic consulting, and project management disciplines.  Douglas Technology Solutions can help you plan and execute your technical goals for today, and tomorrow.
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